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Do we need to wear masks?

No Mask, No Service.   Sorry not sorry but those are the rules!  You will be required to keep it on until you're seated.  Once you are seated you can remove them, BUT once you get up to use the restroom, order another drink etc you MUST put your mask back on.  PLEASE  remember Social distancing is VERY important please be respectful of everyones space. WE are doing our part and keeping all the seating areas 6 feet plus apart and wiping everything down after each use.


Will you be offering reservations or will it be open seating?

Tables and lounge seating are offered via reservation.  Lounge area is more flexible if you are rollin' up solo.  Table options, we ask that you reserve for a party for 2 or more.  You will be given a 1 hour time slot.  If it is a quiet day and additional seating is available you may stay longer as long as you respect the time policy and those who reserved their time slot reservations. 


Don't have a reservation?  It's not the end of the world, we can still try to get you a seat!  However no promises, reservations get priority but you can still get a seat if we don't have a full house and that your time slot doesn't roll over into anyone else's reservation. We need to be able to control our numbers, and ensure our staff and customers safety

Will you still offer Curbside? 

We will still offer curbside pick up.  We want to be absolutely flexible to those who feel safer with a curbside pick up option for cans, drinks and food!  THIS IS ALL SO VERY NEW TO US! We will still be canning up your favorite coffee and teas but we will have to adjust as we will now have more people visiting the shop.  Our crew will be amping up production.  This will keep cans in stock for walk-ins, online pre-order pick ups and curbside customers!  If you still love our shipping option, then simply go online (or click here) and order cans and will get them to you as quickly as humanly possible!

How about pets, are they allowed?

We ourselves have a dog and we truly love ALL dogs!!  Due to our food permit (serving food that is prepared in house) we are not allowed to have pets in our space, unless they are service animals.  We sincerely apologize and we hope that maybe in the near future we can find a way to get humans best friend to chill out with our crew and visitors!

I'm not feeling so hot can I grab a coffee?

Most importantly during these crazy times, if you are sick or been around anyone who has been sick PLEASE stay home.  We are not going anywhere.  Pre-order for curbside or have someone pick up Church St. goods for you.  


This is a lot of info and we are sure there is more as we learn how to run a full time/full service shop!   We appreciate you supporting us during these unpredictable times.  Our team really has felt the love these past few months.  You guys are the best!   We can't wait to serve you guys in our shop! 

          Thank you, Amanda & Denis.

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