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If you love nitro cold brew coffee, look no further!  We make the best cold brew nitro on Earth and it all starts with the quality of beans that we use for our kegged Nitro.  Our specialty grade coffee is locally and ethically sourced.  The beans are then ground to perfection in preparation for their cold water bath.  Then double filtered for a smooth and crisp finish.  

The kegs are charged with pure nitrogen to give our secret recipes a beautiful cascading effect (like a Guinness during and after pouring), a light and creamy body, a sweet and heavenly taste and a frothy head!  No guilt here folks, there is never any dairy, pumps or syrups in our liquid gold.

Here are some quick facts!  

•The caffeine in our nitro is absorbed quicker in your body, due to the nitrogen gas!

•70% Less acidic than a hot cup!  Making this much easier on your stomachs!

• More caffeinated than your average cup of a joe, giving you that extra zap we all love and crave!

Looking to set up a tap for your office, cafe, restaurant or fitness facility or know a mom and pop shop that you would like to see our nitro at?  Or planning on hosting an event, shower, staff meeting,  and want to rent equipment for the day. Shoot us an email at or give a call at 781-922-9155 for info on pricing! 

Also, please follow us on social media to find out where our taps are set up and where we catch our pop up booths, slinging nitro!

FB:  @churchstbrewingcollc & IG:  @churchstcoffee

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