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International Women's Day and Lift Off!

International Women's Day was celebrated with a kick ass lifting session this past Sunday at our brewery/coffee bar! Shown above are the amazing ladies who participated in our coffee tasting and lift off! We want to thank them from the bottom of our hearts for being amazingly smart, strong, powerful, and all around just amazing human beings, who inspire us on the daily.

Kick off began at 11:30! We closed up shop and began rolling out the bars and plates. It was the olympic clean lift (no jerk) and olympic snatch on the menu! Lift until failure! Julie was was behind the camera shooting these amazing shots which not only captured everyones mind blowing lifts but the vibrants lighting and colors of our space!

We hit some lifts, we missed some lifts but at the end of the day it was all about hanging out with friends and drinking great coffee. We even had our very own, Craig Lee behind the bar creating mock tail coffee drinks in which will be featured at both the Mid Atlantic CrossFit Challenge in D.C. and The Asbury Park Games in New Jersey.

Here is a quick sneak peek at how we did!

After our lifting session we began sampling and testing out drinks that will be our specialty drinks on our menu for the events mentioned earlier. Craig who helps us with everything and anything Church St. was behind the bar slinging delicious creations and refining old classics! One drink that will undoubtedly be on this years menu both at the shop and these two big events is the nitro cold brew Vietnamese cold coffee! Our 2.0 version is hands down one of the most mouth watering drinks we've ever created! So if you see Craig ever at any of our pop ups or with our gang, be sure to give him a huge high five!!!

We have sad news. We have no cans available at the shop to sell this Sunday! However we came up with the idea, to still work in the shop and get it ready for further inspections to become "Full Service" after our air exchange unit is fully installed. We'd like our casa to be su casa! We will be opening our doors to ya'll for nitro cold brew coffee and tea on tap, espresso and specialty hot coffee. We even added some seating so that you can sit and check out the space and take a load off. This will allow us to get a chance to meet you and for you to get acquainted with our new 3,200 sq. ft. brewery/coffee bar. Doors open at 8 am and we will close roughly around 1 pm or 2 pm all depending on foot traffic and beverage availability. Please feel free to bring your own food! We are not full service yet, so it's pretty darn casual!

We are so excited to meet more of you folks from Canton and beyond. Come check us out, plenty of parking, no stickers needed and we don't have reserved parking or parking restrictions. This will be the case as well when we open 7 days a week for coffee and beer!

Our goal in the coming weeks: Open for full service! Offer local artisanal food! Begin our state approval for pouring beer! Pass our local board of health inspection and begin growing our coffee and beer community! Collaborations are in the works and we want to offer folks a unique, one of a kind experience. Coffee and beer is our craft and people is our business. That's our simple approach and mind set right now!

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