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Look At Me The Way You Look At This Nitro!

Happy Tuesday everyone! We love this picture!! A proper pour of nitro cold brew coffee can have this effect on people!

Since recently moving into our new space this past December we've been having such a blast! We are past the stressed out phase of bouncing back from the cost of our build out and new equipment. Nothing we can do other than just work our asses off. It's been such a neat learning experience. We began canning our cold brew! Super cool right? Cold brew is great, and to be honest we normally drink it at the shop. However nitro is the rave right now and we are trying to perfect the canning of our deliciously smooth nitro. It's pretty exciting, and the canning process can be painstakingly slow at times, since we have to seal each can one-by-one! hahaha! Whatever who gives a s***. We will one day out grow the Cannular and maybe get a canning line. We will see or "maybe we will go to Home Depot, or Bed Bath and Beyond, I don't know..... I don't know if we'll have enough time!" -Frank The Tank

This new adventure has already created some fond memories. Saxon and I (some of you may not know this, but we share the same birthday) had a combined birthday party at Church St. Brewing as our very first time using the space and hosting. We have had some fun photo shoots. Most of them fitness related and some for product releases (online store and the gram). There are some floating out there that were taken in which we hold close to our hearts. Pictures taken of Saxon, Julie showing that she still got it (our old brew master) brewing up a few batches of cold brew, and our crew being captured in some candid moments.

There is never a dull moment in my life. Being a parent of a 14 month old, running a manufacturing and production facility, trying to stay relevant in the coffee and fitness game, creating sales on our online store and finding time for me to be me has been quite a challenge. I love this though. It can be exhausting. There are times of extreme frustration and urgency to force myself to work to the brink of my brain melting. Owning a business isn't easy. You know the saying "If it were easy then everyone would be doing it". I always try to go back to that. It is very true. My good friend Jessica said to me the other day. "Dude, does your mind ever shut off?". I chuckled, and in that very moment I began thinking about work. I try to use my time away from the shop to socialize and stay away from being mentally dragged into the work machine or just binge watch Netflix shows. Maybe I am just not normal.

Not sure where I am really go with all this. I guess just shootin' the shit with you all. I sort of imagine us sitting on the bench on the back porch. Located at my parents house in downtown Edgartown on the Vineyard. I visualize it being a hot summer night and it's my close friend Nicole and I gossiping and reflecting on the madness we call life.

I feel good about where things are going with Church St. and life in general I guess. I was going to push the Church St. coffee agenda on you all but I'm glad I didn't. Specially during these presidential primaries, it's probably a pain to read more and more about order from here, choose us, buy today, vote today, vote democrat, vote republican etc. hahaha.

Maybe this is the perfect time to just call it a day and find a new show to binge watch. By the way The Messiah on Netflix..... I watched the entire thing in two nights. Not saying I have an opinion on religion, I don't but it was a fascinating show that had you always wanting to see more. Check it out.

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