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On Season 11 The Walking Caffeinated.....

Holy wow! These are some crazy times we live in! What a week it's been! Hi everyone! Long time since we have written anything on our blog. We missed you big time!

Not sure where we should start! This week has been such a busy and interesting week. On Tuesday morning had written an article on us. It was a great piece written by Nathan Tavares. Many of you are probably wondering how some restaurants, breweries and other small and local businesses are doing during these crazy times. In this fun little piece we go over the hardships of being a small new and local brick and mortar trying to open in really unpredictable times. Click HERE to read the article!

Did anyone notice we NOW have 4.5k followers on FB?!?! Thank you everyone who sent out invites to friends to like our page! Asking for favors like this can sometimes feel like you're more of an annoyance to many than anything else. Denis had posted on his personal Facebook page asking for friends to follow a few simple steps to invite folks to follow our small and local business. We need all the help we can get during these tough times. Not everyone has money to spend at our shop or our online store. However you can always show love and support by sharing, liking or commenting on businesses Facebook or Instagram posts! Denis asked for friends to take a moment out of their day to invite folks on FB to follow and like our Facebook business page. The turn out was mind blowing and quite frankly very heart warming. We had no idea we'd have such a result! We hope to see our beer and coffee community grow in the coming weeks while things are still so uncertain. If you'd like to share and invite folks to our page click here, SPREAD THE LOVE!

For those of you who are just getting to know us, we are also a pop-up coffee shop. Our team enjoys fitness and we have built an incredible CrossFit community and following. Over the years we have done events like the Move Fast Lift Heavy Invitational on Long Island NY, The Catalyst Games in Rochester NY, The Vekter Games in MD, the Mid Atlantic CrossFit Challenge and many local competitions all over the state of MA, including The CrossFit Southie Showdown. Many of the competitions leading up to this summer have been canceled. Most recently one of our biggest events was recently canceled. The Mid Atlantic CrossFit Challenge recently announced that it will be canceling it's event and rescheduling it later when this whole Covid-19 ordeal blows over. What you guys may not know is that this event is a qualifier for the CrossFit Games (which you may have seen on ESPN or even on NETFLIX.) This would have been our 4th year making it back to the MACC. Sadly we are facing a possible second cancelation for another CrossFit Games qualifier, The Asbury Park Games in Jersey Shore, New Jersey. These cancelations and postponements are such a drag. For us they are fun road trips, time to network and meet coffee lovers like ourselves. We truly hope that we can be back out on the road really soon. Nothing beats road trips with the crew and slinging nitro cold brew and specialty hot coffee at events. We miss all our gym friends and we hope to see them so very soon!

When is the beer coming?

Such a good question. Right now we don't have an answer to that. All the breweries that have been in the game for some time and even new ones that are at least a year old or more have a system in place to handle this whole Corona nightmare. Our business began as coffee and although we miss home brewing, our efforts are producing kegs (not many since our tap accounts are pretty much dead at this moment) and pushing cans of cold brew coffee and nitro cold brew coffee. We are not known for our beer, we have done a mock beer garden in Holliston MA, last summer and had some great feed back but we aren't able to produce at the capacity to make it worth our while to brew and invest in brewing during these tough and unpredictable times. We know how excited ya'll are to try some new stuff but good things come to those who wait. Our team promises when this all ends we will be hoping for a collaboration beer to get our feet wet and to celebrate the end of this Corona Virus. In the mean time please check out our very close friends from Widow Maker Brewing and Vitamin Sea Brewing!

We hope to see you this Sunday! Our Sunday CanDay will feature our classic OG cinnamon nitro cold brew on tap, canned cinnamon cold brew, canned nitro cold brew (black), working with Sharonna's Baked Goods and will have their mouth watering pita in stock (baked that very same morning) and in house made croissants. Get some fresh air this Sunday. We offer curb side deliveries, or come in and order from our easy to pick-up and to-go booth at our shop. Our team loves meeting you all new faces and feel extra good seeing all the regulars now. Yes we said regulars. We now have built ourselves a regulars base(cheers to you all who help us put food on the table!). Our plan is to open at 9 am and close at 2 pm. You can order easily on our site here by visiting our "SHOP" tab or on Saturday night and throughout early Sunday order your drinks, and baked goods on our "order menu" tab. NOTE! When you order from "MENU/ORDER" it will factor in inventory. PLEASE BE COURTEOUS and actually come pick your order up that same day that you place it. It not only sucks to have to restock it when it's fresh but it takes away from someone who wanted it but didn't get the chance because it was already accounted for on a pre-order. Thank you! We can't wait to see you all!!!

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