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Our Covid-19 Survival Guide!

Where do we even begin?! These are the most wildest times that our current generation has ever faced. In our state, we are just about a month and a half into the "Stay At Home Order". Now rumors have it that there may be yet another extension to that. Folks are already going mad! We have seen protests, conspiracy theories thrown out there, distrust in our government, depression, businesses going under, etc. We have come up with a short list to help us get through these strange times. There is no science here, we are not doctors. We are just sharing from our personal experience what we like to do to keep all the negativity out of our lives.

1. Getting out of bed is not an easy task. Especially when it's extremely comfortable. However, some of us have a tough time getting out, for one reason or another. Whether it's because you're achy, or lack motivation, or just too comfy to get out (hahahaha), for whatever reason, here is what you should do: Make your damn bed when finally deciding to get up. A little discipline goes a long way. Taking pride in taking care of the expensive bed and pricy sheets you saved up to buy does a lot for the soul.

2. Have a 16 oz. cup of water after making your bed (hahaha). Coffee can wait. Your body will thank you and you will feel truly rejuvenated.

3. One good deed a day (or as many as you want). That's not hard right? It can be as simple as calling a relative or friend that you haven't been able to see due to the Covid-19 Crisis. Check up on them and wish them an amazing day. You never know who really needs that quick and simple call.

4. No better time than now to legit read a book! CARRY a book on you. I am guilty of not reading a good book in quite some time. Head on over to your book shelves, remove the cobwebs, dust it off and randomly select what you'd think would be an enjoyable read. Now that the weather is nice, just open up the windows (sorry if you have allergies, if that's so, don't open them up haha!), let the breeze come in, lay on the couch and chip away at some chapters.

5. This is sort of a given. For our sanity and our physical health, we need a little fitness and meditation in our lives. For those of us who haven't found the equipment or the drive to GO HARD AT IT, then here are some simple suggestions: Go for a walk, hike, bike ride, perform squats, push ups, sit ups in the house, kick, throw or shoot the ball around the yard. We recently signed up for a thing call Romwod. It is a virtual online yoga program. There are "episodes" (classes) that are surprisingly really relaxing and helps us stay flexy and sexy! Dad bods are in but there is still some simple maintenance that has to be performed on the daily haha!

6. JUST BE F****** nice! Be Kind. Maybe it's not a bad time to take a break from the gram or Facebook. The world of social media can cause many to lash out. With all that is going on, political division has been probably at it's worst than it's ever been. Everyone is entitled to their opinions of course but there are just times, when we read comments on posts and just go "whoa....... is this really the world we are living in?" What ever happened to kindness, respect, and compassion? We totally need way more of these days!

7. Drink Tons of Coffee! That's it folks. That's our short and simple list of how we've been surviving this current crisis. There is no rights or wrongs here. Our list isn't medical advice by any means. What works for you may not be the way we had listed our version of posivibes. Which is totally rad. We love it! Keep spreading the love guys!

Meet Jess! She is the owner of Keen Paws. Roughly two years ago Keen Paws posted on one of our Instagram posts and right then and there we quickly became INSTAFRIENDS (see what we did there). She has also become a familiar face at the shop, whether it's helping us out with deliveries, swinging by to say hi or showing her support by posting all her coffee experiences on the social.

Jess operates a dog walking business and is locally based out of Canton, MA. She is highly devoted to her work and her love for mans best friend is clearly shown on her business instagram page ( @keenpaws ). Jess began her dog walking/hiking business back in 2014! Her professionalism, dedication, and years of experience has helped her expand her business over the years. We couldn't think of anyone MORE qualified take care of your fur baby than Keen Paws. Her small and local business (like ours) has been impacted by Covid-19. So we are asking for folks to give her business a follow. Comment on the cute pup pics or simply share on FB if you know folks in the neighboring towns of Canton MA, who could use her services! For more info on her services click HERE! Support women owned & locally owned businesses!

When are you guys selling beer?

That is probably one of the most popular questions we have been getting the past year. We love how excited folks are to have another brewery in Canton! With our recent move to Canton, there is now a beer city, a craft on draft community, brewing power house (whatever you'd like to call it). We feel honored and humbled to be almost a mile and a half away from Trillium and have Percival and Castle Island down the road from us in Norwood. Truly a brewery hoppers dream! Our beer program isn't going to launch until after the Covid-19 crisis is announced officially over. We are known for our coffee and our coffee demand requires all hands on deck. The kick ass breweries mentioned above have a system that smoothly works for them and it would be tough to make it worth our while to "compete" (although not a competition in our minds) with that. Our game plan is to begin brewing small batch beer and will be served off tap only. The feed back that we get will determine if we will offer cans in shop. We never thought selling mason jars of cold brew, out the back of our Jeep would lead to this so who knows what hard work and determination will get us in the beer world. We are staying open minded! For now, NO BEER. Please wait for us to announce when we will begin brewing! Enjoy the rest of your week guys. Go over to our IG page we got some really exciting news for ya'll! Good night!

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