his is the third year in a row that coffee from the Gathaithi Factory has placed in Dormans Annnual Top 10 Coffees competition. That’s high praise! Last year it took #1 overall out of thousands of lots that were cupped in Dormans labs. Gathaithi’s quality comes from a higher standard for red coffee cherry that’s delivered from its approximate 1,650 farmer members. After red ripe cherry is delivered, it’s hand sorted for under ripe cherries before being depulped and put into a wet ferment for 16-24 hours. After that ferment time, it is washed in a channel for another 12-16 hours. This process is often called double washed and is what gives Kenyans its clean, sparkling profile.


Notes: Plum, Jasmine, Mango

Level: Light

Bolt Coffee- Kenya- Gathaithi (12oz bag)