Red Fox has been pushing further and further into the forest on the Amazonas side, and the coffees are getting better and better. This area's special climate—crisp, cold nights and temperate days that are ideal for coffee production— and its abundance of old typica, caturra, and bourbon, work together to produce a beautiful cup. From the sweeter, balanced cups with finer levels of acidity found at Alto Mayo’s lower altitudes (to the elegant, ethereal coffees produced at its higher reaches, Coopbam offers the full dynamism for which Peruvian coffees are famous. These coffees are big, juicy, round, and super sweet with a heavy mouthfeel. 


Notes: Berries, Pear, Milk Chocolate

Varietal: Typica, Caturra

Region: Amazonas, Perú

Roast Level: Medium Light

Bolt Coffee- Perú - Vilcaniza (12 oz bag)